SEO Roadmap


An SEO Process for Creative Agencies

Incorporating SEO (search engine optimization) into your project is best done right from the start, when you initiate research and discovery, so that we get a reading on the current online presence and prepare a strategy to improve it. The SEO process outlined below reveals issues, which – if left unaddressed – could undermine your awesome work on the new website: For example, a site that’s structured around the wrong keywords, content that search engines cannot crawl and index, inbound links from porn sites (it happens!). Here’s how CyberTurf works with each agency to construct a website that the client’s customers can find…and love what they find!

Research the Client’s Online Presence

CyberTurf begins by analyzing

      • Search results pages, e.g. Knowledge Graph

      • Google Analytics & Search Console data

      • Keyword ranking data

      • Competitors & reputation

      • Links to the website

      • Technical overview


Learn About the Client’s Business

CyberTurf  learns about the client’s marketing goals

      • Who are the client’s best customers?

      • What should they do on the website & after they leave?

      • Which search terms does the client want to rank for?


SEO Report

CyberTurf puts it all together

      • Overview of client’s online presence, technical issues, initial keyword research

      • Baseline vs where the client wants to be

      • Strategy and recommendations for closing the gap


Review SEO Report

CyberTurf, the agency and the client confer

      • Discuss the findings, strategy, and priorities

      • Client considers reccos & decides which to adopt

Action Plan

CyberTurf lays out the next steps

      • Summarize tasks and how they support overall goals

      • Identify who does what, when



Everybody pitches in

      • Purposeful changes are carried out by designer, developers, copy writer, etc.

      • Technical issues are fixed


Track Results

CyberTurf prepares data reports

      • Compare data to baseline

      • Identify metrics that matter

      • Describe trends, gains, issues


Continue to Improve

CyberTurf and agency discuss ongoing SEO for the client

      • Refine strategy

      • Update action plan

      • Schedule next review


SEO + Design = Success
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