SEO Process


Our Recipe for Baked-in SEO

To get your website working and productive, you need to anticipate how people will search for it. SEO does just that. Through data analysis, keyword research, and competitive overview CyberTurf Strategic Media provides guidance to make your site truly appealing to the intended audience.

The SEO process unfolds in three stages:


Discovery & Planning

Client Questionnaire

To get started, we ask about your ideal customers and your competitors.

Website Review

We do a site audit and prioritize which factors to focus on and improve. If your website doesn’t get enough traffic or engagement, let’s explore why.

Competitive Research

We research competitors in your industry. Which ones are ranking successfully, and what are they doing right?

Initial Keyword Research

Keywords are crucial to getting found online. Research reveals how customers search, so the website can be structured at the outset to help them.

Web Data / Google Analytics Review

Data can be used to build on your success: Which pages do people go to and how did they get there?

From the very start SEO helps structure your website.


Design & Development

Refine Keyword Research

Each page needs a strong keyword focus so it communicates well and engages your prospective customers.

On-Page SEO

We write a unique HTML title tag and meta description that is in sync with the page’s content; readers are enticed to the page, where you can tell your story.

Consult with copy writer

We help the copy writer strike a balance; too few keywords make the page unfocused, but too many make the page spammy.

SEO Consultation

As the site is developed we review it and ensure the end result is google-friendly.

SEO Checklist

Details, details! The checklist prevents anything falling through the cracks.

As the website takes shape SEO gets incorporated.



Monitor Google Analytics

Before popping the bubbly, let’s make sure website visitor behavior is being tracked. Are they getting to important pages?

Monitor Google Search Console

Any problems with the new website will show up in Search Console. They should be fixed quickly.

Analyze Data & Performance

Big data is great to have, but what does it mean? We’ll pare it down to digestible size.

Discuss next steps

Congratulate yourself on a site that’s optimized! Keep the momentum; let’s discuss ongoing SEO.

Data helps measure your success.


Good things happen with an optimized website.

Let’s discuss how!

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