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I’ve worked with CyberTurf for the past several years and they are my preferred SEO vendor. Janet always provides our website projects with insight and recommendations that make our work stronger and clients happy
Because she is looking at things from a different point of view, [Janet] thinks of things we may not have thought of. She will uncover information that is valuable that we need to incorporate into the new site. She presents ideas and gets the customer thinking more about how they want to present their site. She also does competitive analyses on what my client’s competitors are doing. It’s about helping clients think more critically about their own sites.
Janet was remarkable and helpful with the conceptualization of my web site and the SEO that went with it. I highly recommend her to anyone that needs their SEO evaluated!!!
One of the biggest challenges that I had as a new small business owner was building clients. That meant being visible online so that clients could find my website. Thanks to Janet Chiu’s SEO expertise, my website comes up on the first and second page of internet searches. She is great to work with and I highly recommend her.
SEO strategy for websites has been made more efficient when collaborating with CyberTurf Strategic Media. Janet has been a pleasure to work with, she is knowledgeable, thorough, analytical and efficient. Her ability to research our client’s business/industry and make recommendations and provide direction to attract, engage and influence users has been extremely valuable to our agency.
Janet considers all variables and works to keep the SEO project on track, with excellent and informative post-implementation analysis. I would highly recommend working with CyberTurf.
Janet is a friendly, reliable and enthusiastic professional to work with. She knows her stuff when it comes to SEO and she’s only interested in doing things the right way – no shortcuts or no dirty tricks. I trust and appreciate her recommendations

Once in a million years, you find a person who does not only what is expected of her, but she anticipates many scenarios that I could only have imagined, and she puts in place ways to make our website audience-friendly. Such a person is Janet Chiu. She has transformed our website from a static structure to an interactive and inviting one, and has branched out in being a public relations angel also by finding places to advertise our concerts and programs. Janet is meticulous and mindful of every detail, and is a pleasure to work with.
What I like about what she does is that she has that marketing background, not just SEO. It is not just, ‘Here are the keywords you need.’ Together we take a step back and talk about who is [the client’s] target audience. That feedback, that big-picture view she can bring, helps give me the language with which to talk to the client… Janet’s job is to keep on top of everything related to SEO, what is trending. I can speak more intelligently to a client about how to set up a Web site because of what I have learned from Janet.
Along with staying current with respect to search-engine methodologies, Janet is generous about sharing what she knows. Under her guidance the number of visitors to my website has nearly tripled.
Janet’s professionalism, knowledge and attention to detail with her SEO services have all been a key asset to the websites I have collaborated on with her. I rely heavily on her detailed reports, analytics, and suggestions all to empower my clients and their online presence. She always delivers, never disappoints.
CyberTurf Strategic Media has been a great resource for my web design business. Being able to offer Janet’s in-depth knowledge of SEO services to my clients has proved an invaluable asset.
When Janet worked with me on projects, she consistently demonstrated a passion for knowledge, and I heartily endorse her for any SEO/Marketing work.

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