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8 Steps to Website Redesign with Better SEO

Refreshing your website makes it a vibrant presence that ensures visitors see the latest info about your organization and encourages them to interact with it. In a few months so much can happen – think of the changes in your industry and the impact on your business – that information becomes outdated quickly. A periodic refresh ensures your website stays relevant and useful to your audience; these are qualities that search engines prioritize.

Search engine optimization (SEO) focuses on the trends in how people search for what they need and how that process impacts web design and development; every step of a website redesign is influenced by SEO.

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How Design Enhances Data: A (Short) Tale of 3 Websites

Do you really know how people interact with your website? When they land on a page, do they get the answer they were after? Do they help themselves to the tools or resources you’ve provided? Or do they leave as fast as they can reach the back button? We can make many assumptions about the usage data we see, but we’re never entirely sure what each person is looking for and whether that magical thing called communication happened.

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What Makes a Well-Connected Website so Successful?

From its beginning, the Web has given us access to resources via hyperlinks. At the time, that was a revolutionary way to connect people to information. Now, we take them for granted and might not be fully aware of how links play a central role in a website’s visibility. The fact is, all other things being equal – graphic design, usability, branding – the website with the best links to and from it will rank higher than its competitors .

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Embracing Data makes Web Design Work

Clients assume and hope that their pretty new website will attract customers like bears to honey – that customers will be drawn to it by virtue of aesthetics. It’s true that visual design plays a huge role in engaging and communicating, but whether or not people find a website depends on factors other than design.

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