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A Beginner Friendly Guide to Long Tail Keywords

Updated August 6, 2019

Long tail keywords on your website are essential – without them prospective clients would have a hard time finding your business – but for reasons you might not expect. Keywords are just one element of an online marketing strategy; they alone can’t make your website dominate search results. But by learning how clients search for your services and products you learn about their interests and problems. You can think of keywords as conversation starters – meeting your clients on their turf, using their language.

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How to Use Keywords on Your Website

Keywords are the heart of Internet search. Every search begins by typing a word or phrase into the search bar – or, by talking to a virtual assistant. But what happens next?

In this post, we discuss how to use keywords to focus your content and bring in more qualified prospects. First, we clarify the purpose of keywords and their role in organic search. Then, we explain how to use keywords, and where to put them to work on your website.

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The Top 6 SEO Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Search engines are pretty sophisticated these days. There once was a time when stuffing keywords at the bottom of your pages was all you needed to get first page status. Not anymore.

These days, search engines use a complex system of rules to figure out who gets promoted and when. Google’s SEO algorithm, in particular, is shrouded in mystery and fog. No one knows for sure what exactly goes into Google’s search rank algorithm (it contains hundreds of unique signals), however we do know a few of the important factors, and that’s what we’ll discuss below.

Let’s go over the top mistakes to avoid when optimizing your website for search engines.

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The One SEO Mistake That Could Be Hurting Your Business

Optimizing your website for search engines? It can be a complicated affair. When you’re trying to get that coveted first page ranking for your website, there are so many different things to consider, and optimization strategies change all of the time.

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6 Tips for Finding Your Competitors Quickly

A powerful marketing strategy – whether for redesigning your website, improving its rank, or devising an ad campaign – takes into account your competitors. Competitor information is especially helpful when planning to optimize your website. By learning which companies appear higher in search results, and the relative popularity of your business, you’ll know where to concentrate your efforts.

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Deliver an Audience with these 3 Keyword Tips


Promises, promises, promises. In your web design and development proposal you probably assure the client that the website you create will be search engine friendly. The SEO (search engine optimization) component could be significant to the client – the client hopes the site will be a source of additional business, and the client expects a level of SEO to make that happen. While you are busily envisioning the design, it would be a good idea to take a step back and assess just how you are going to make the site search engine friendly.

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SEO for Consulting Women: Think Local

As consultants, we serve clients wherever they are, but we can take advantage of the fact that people are interested in local businesses. This is part three of Four Questions for your Website’s SEO: Getting a handle on how to make your website – and your business – better.

Think publishing your address and phone is risky? Think again. Marketing your practice as a local business helps it grow, and provides an opportunity to establish credibility.

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