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Improve Your Digital Presence with Google’s Tools

If your goal is to rank at the top of Google’s search results, an even better goal is to build a robust digital presence. Search results have morphed from ten links to multi-faceted displays that can tell a lot about your business; the picture presented by all that data sets the stage for contacting you.

Surprisingly, Google provides tools so that business owners and organizations can be active participants in the search results. This doesn’t mean that Google wants you to game its algorithm; on the contrary, Google’s tools are intended to deliver trustworthy results.

This article takes you through the process to uncover gaps between what you see in the search results and what you want to see, and what you can do to improve your digital presence.

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How does Video Impact SEO?

While the craziness of last year was winding down, I had time to get to the theatre to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi…what a super wonderful fantastic escape!

Movies and video…this was the push I needed to address a question that nearly every client has asked: Should they add video to their website? Will videos help their site rank higher? In other words, will video dramatically impact their website’s SEO (search engine optimization)?

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Is Your Website Designed to Bring Visitors Back?

Our website is central to our marketing and lead generation strategy: New leads are the lifeline to building relationships and growth. Yet, we are often so concerned about bringing people to the site – whether through search, social media, advertising, or other channels – we tend to overlook what website visitors can actually do while they are on the site. Converting site visitors into customers should be the whole point of investing time and resources into the website!

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Design Firm Marketing: Interview with Patrick King

Designers and web developers often ask me how to improve their website’s search engine optimization. As the field expands – as ever more businesses offer websites and online marketing – the terrain has become very competitive, indeed.

Patrick King, DEO of ImaginePatrick King has built his agency, Imagine, into a full service marketing company for professional services firms, with an uncanny ability to bring droll topics to life. In exploring how to tackle issues in managing a website for a creative agency business, Patrick has been kind enough to share his insight with me for today’s post in Strategic Team.

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How SEO Keeps You in the Internet Race

With each new shift in Google’s methods (updates such as Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird), clients want to know: Do websites still need to be optimized – is SEO (search engine optimization) necessary? The answer is, without a doubt, “yes.” Therefore, a better question is: How is SEO still relevant?

Search engines have to keep up with an Internet that’s growing at an unbelievably fast pace. Google’s changes are designed to deal with the huge influx of material that’s uploaded while preserving its ability to crawl, index, and deliver information to us before we even finish typing our queries. Optimizing your website with this in mind is your ticket to staying in the race.

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SEO Tips for Consulting Women: Watch Your Language

alphabet-150x150As business owners we’re so immersed in our work we often lose perspective, and don’t realize that the rest of the world sees what we do differently than we see ourself. Does your website talk past your prospective client, or do you connect from the moment she searches online? This is the fourth of Four Questions for your Website’s SEO: Getting a handle on how to make your website – and your business – better.

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SEO for Consulting Women: Be a Hero

As consultants, we’re constantly networking. We expect our website to continue the conversation for us, but a poorly focused website can undermine our best intentions. This is part two of Four Questions for your Website’s SEO: Getting a handle on how to make your website – and your business – better.

Are you there to save the day by solving your client’s problem? Or is your real intent to nail the sale?

Here’s what business owners typically feature on their website: Why I’m so unique and why you should hire me.

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SEO Tips for Consulting Women: Call to Action

As consultants, we rely heavily on our website to represent us. But if we don’t ask what it can or should do we could miss out on its full potential. By posing the questions in these posts I hope to get a handle on how to make our website – and our business – better. can you engage the visitor and hold her interest?

You expect your website to attract potential clients, you surely hope to engage them when they get to the site, but are you able to share something with them – in exchange for a way to keep in touch – before they leave?

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Please Your Readers with Clickable Headlines

Effective headlines can coax your website visitors to visit more, stay longer, and even climb willingly into your sales funnel. Likewise, careful content crafting can turn your site into a higher life form in the ecosystem of online search.

Will Prospects Click?

Dice with words Yes, No and MaybeHeadlines themselves are making, well, headlines lately, as journalists and bloggers and marketing strategists struggle to reinvent this art form for the Internet age. For example, Australian communications pro Steve Hind wrote a provocative

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