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Brand Demand as SEO’s Secret Weapon

Before starting any project, whether it’s a website or a brochure, creative designers first characterize the client’s brand – the look they’re going for and the promise that the brand delivers on. Clients would often like to evade this process – all they really want is marketing collateral; they feel sidetracked by big questions that are difficult to answer. But there’s a huge benefit to clients who define and develop a brand identity: They’ll have better visibility in search engine results.

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Assembling a Dream Team? Don’t Forget a Copywriter

No matter how intimately we know our business, DIY writing almost always stinks. Perhaps we know (or think we know) our work so well, we can never look at and describe it the way the customer views it. Therefore, if we were smart we would assign a copywriter to every web development project … but good luck explaining that to your client!

I asked my associate Paula Tarnapol Whitacre to help frame this discussion so we can take it to our clients. Paula is principal of Full Circle Communications in Alexandria, VA. An experienced writer, she manages writing, editing and content strategy for businesses and nonprofits.

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