How does Video Impact SEO?

While the craziness of last year was winding down, I had time to get to the theatre to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi…what a super wonderful fantastic escape!

Movies and video…this was the push I needed to address a question that nearly every client has asked: Should they add video to their website? Will videos help their site rank higher? In other words, will video dramatically impact their website’s SEO (search engine optimization)?

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How to Use Keywords on Your Website

The main goal of your website is to connect with the people who need your services. But, with billions of websites to choose from how will your prospective customers find you?

You know by the title of this article that the answer is “keywords.” Previously, we talked about how to find keywords. In this post, we’ll discuss how to use long tail keywords to focus your content and bring in more qualified prospects.

First, let’s clarify the purpose of keywords and their role in organic search. Then, we’ll explain how to use keywords, and where to put them to work on your website.

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A Beginner Friendly Guide to Long Tail Keywords

When you design your website and work on its content, you can also optimize it for online visibility – a process known as SEO (search engine optimization). No doubt you’ve heard that keywords are important to SEO, but you’re just not sure how to pick the right keywords.

We feel your pain…we work on websites all the time and still obsess over keywords. So we’d like to share how to go about the process, starting with the difference between short and long keywords. Here’s a little bit about how keywords affect SEO and your incoming traffic:

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The Top 6 SEO Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Search engines are pretty sophisticated these days. There once was a time when stuffing keywords at the bottom of your pages was all you needed to get first page status. Not anymore.

These days, search engines use a complex system of rules to figure out who gets promoted and when. Google’s SEO algorithm, in particular, is shrouded in mystery and fog. No one knows for sure what exactly goes into Google’s search rank algorithm (it contains hundreds of unique signals), however we do know a few of the important factors, and that’s what we’ll discuss below.

Let’s go over the top mistakes to avoid when optimizing your website for search engines.

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The Non-Overwhelming Guide to Social Media Metrics

Everyone says you should be on social media, and allow me to add my voice to the chorus. You definitely should.

But I also know that social media can be overwhelming at times– especially if you’re using social media to promote your business. You know that it’s effective, but you don’t know how to make it work for your business.

The key is in knowing what metrics to look for, and how to use that information to create a stronger voice on social media.

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The One SEO Mistake That Could Be Hurting Your Business

Optimizing your website for search engines? It can be a complicated affair. When you’re trying to get that coveted first page ranking for your website, there are so many different things to consider, and optimization strategies change all of the time.

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6 Tips for Finding Your Competitors Quickly

A powerful marketing strategy – whether for redesigning your website, improving its rank, or devising an ad campaign – takes into account your competitors. Competitor information is especially helpful when planning to optimize your website. By learning which companies appear higher in search results, and the relative popularity of your business, you’ll know where to concentrate your efforts.

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How Design Enhances Data: A (Short) Tale of 3 Websites

Do you really know how people interact with your website? When they land on a page, do they get the answer they were after? Do they help themselves to the tools or resources you’ve provided? Or do they leave as fast as they can reach the back button? We can make many assumptions about the usage data we see, but we’re never entirely sure what each person is looking for and whether that magical thing called communication happened.

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Assembling a Dream Team? Don’t Forget a Copywriter

No matter how intimately we know our business, DIY writing almost always stinks. Perhaps we know (or think we know) our work so well, we can never look at and describe it the way the customer views it. Therefore, if we were smart we would assign a copywriter to every web development project … but good luck explaining that to your client!

I asked my associate Paula Tarnapol Whitacre to help frame this discussion so we can take it to our clients. Paula is principal of Full Circle Communications in Alexandria, VA. An experienced writer, she manages writing, editing and content strategy for businesses and nonprofits.

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Is Your Website Designed to Bring Visitors Back?

Our website is central to our marketing and lead generation strategy: New leads are the lifeline to building relationships and growth. Yet, we are often so concerned about bringing people to the site – whether through search, social media, advertising, or other channels – we tend to overlook what website visitors can actually do while they are on the site. Converting site visitors into customers should be the whole point of investing time and resources into the website!

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