Capability Statement

CyberTurf Strategic Media


Website optimization for competitive search engine rankings

  • Proven search engine optimization (SEO) strategies that increase visibility
  • Keyword research that leads to competitive online presence
  • Website data analysis for insights to visitor behavior
  • Prioritize improvements to maximize resources and achieve objectives


CyberTurf Strategic Media has helped a wide range of organizations become competitive online:

SEO strategy for website redesign

CyberTurf was engaged to improve findability during the website redesign for a large social services agency with 30+ programs. We researched how people searched online for help, which then informed our selection of keywords to use both in the content and the meta data. We recommended adding a Careers section, which we optimized to recruit social services personnel. The careers section became a cost-effective way for the agency to boost recruitment. Six months after relaunch, visits to the new website via Google had increased by 728 percent.

Keyword research and strategy

CyberTurf worked with a community college in California that sought to get more applicants during a period of low employment. We developed a keyword strategy that resulted in our updating the web page description to become more compelling in search results. As a result of our efforts, visits to admissions and degree programs pages saw increases for the new academic year as high as 212 percent.

Website evaluation

CyberTurf was engaged by a large psychotherapy practice that needed to reach more prospective local clients. Our evaluation of the practice’s website and overall online presence revealed issues that rendered it ineffective. We worked with the client to restructure the website around the interests of people looking for therapists. A year later, the practice was easier to find online, it ranked high for relevant queries, and local visits to the website from organic search increased by 40 percent.

What we can do for you

CyberTurf Strategic Media & Associates works with a select network of skilled web data analysists, design, development, and software professionals, allowing us to identify the ideal personnel to match your project requirements.

CyberTurf works with you to

  • Improve how your website communicates
  • Attract more of the intended users to the website
  • Measure engagement with the content
  • Help search engines to correctly index the content

Our process involves analyzing your website’s data and online presence to identify its strengths, weaknesses, and potential. The insights gained from this research enable us to help you hone your website to attract the right audience and support your organization’s mission.

Primary NAICS Code:  54613     Marketing Consulting Services

Additional NAICS Codes:

541511   Custom Computer Programming services; 519130   Internet Publishing and Broadcasting and Web Search Portals; 541519   Other Computer Related Systems

WOSB Woman Owned Small Business with annual revenue less than $15 million. We are fully compliant with NAICS codes ceilings.

Point of Contact:  Janet Chiu, President   (301) 461-5588

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