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CyberTurf Strategic Media grew out of my experience in developing marketing, advertising, and digital media campaigns for business owners. Within a short time having a website became critical; traditional channels of reaching customers no longer worked. Now, of course, every organization faces the same challenge: To get information prominently displayed online, where people can see and interact with it.

I’m Janet Chiu, and as a search engine optimization (SEO) consultant I work with business owners and nonprofits to build a strong online presence so that people will find them. My SEO process examines all aspects of a website and what search engines do with it.

SEO takes analysis to a new level, and I’m in my element creating strategy from keyword and competitive research. The information we glean lets us break away from tunnel vision, i.e. a perspective formed from assumptions and personal preferences. We can now better understand what matters to the people who matter to us.

A support network

At the heart of SEO is understanding how to make the website function better. That means finding and fixing technical problems, improving how the site communicates, or simply adding a call to action. CyberTurf has a network of associates – designers, web developers, copy writers, technical experts, and others – who collaborate and support each other as needed. The goal is a website that your prospects can find and love what they find.

A process that yields results

SEO for a nonprofit’s website redesign

CyberTurf was engaged to improve findability during the website redesign for a large social services agency with 30+ programs. We researched how people searched online for help, which then informed our selection of keywords to use both in the content and the meta data. We recommended adding a Careers section, which we optimize to recruit social services personnel. The careers section became a cost-effective way for the agency to boost recruitment. Six months after the relaunch, visits to the new website via Google had increased by 728%.

Website optimization for a small business

A business owner needed help improving her website to support her networking and the pay-per-click ads she was running. CyberTurf made the content easier to read and understand, optimized each page for terms used by the business owner’s target audience, and kept the brand consistent wherever it appeared online. Local visits via organic search nearly tripled within six months, and became the primary source of leads, allowing the business owner to use paid ads just for special promos.

Keyword strategy for a community college

CyberTurf worked with a community college in California that sought to attract more applicants during a period of low unemployment. We developed a keyword strategy and updated the web page description to become more compelling in search engine results. Consequently, the admissions and degree programs pages saw increased visits for the new academic year as high as 212%.

What I like about [Janet] is that she has that marketing background, not just SEO. It is not just, ‘Here are the keywords you need.’ …That big-picture view she can bring, helps give me the language with which to talk to the client…I can speak more intelligently to a client about how to set up a Web site because of what I have learned from Janet.

Help from every quarter

People often ask how I keep up with all the changes in online search. The answer is simply that the SEO community is comprised of amazingly collaborative geeks who love to share what they’ve learned. I owe my sanity to them!

And to my husband…year-round, you’ll catch us hiking the mountains of Virginia or riding our bikes through Maryland and Pennsylvania.

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