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  1. Simple Guide to Social Media Metrics

    Everyone says you should be on social media, and allow me to add my voice to the chorus. You definitely should. But I also know…

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  2. Processing ideas for redesign

    8 Steps to Website Redesign with Better SEO

    Refreshing your website makes it a vibrant presence that ensures visitors see the latest info about your organization and encourages them to interact with it.…

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  3. Digital presence tag cloud

    Improve Your Digital Presence with Google’s Tools

    If your goal is to rank at the top of Google’s search results, an even better goal is to build a robust digital presence. Search…

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  4. Creating brand demand

    Brand Demand as SEO’s Secret Weapon

    Before starting any project, whether it’s a website or a brochure, creative designers first characterize the client’s brand – the look they’re going for and…

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  5. SEO Roadmap

    Optimizing a website is best from the get-go, before the design work or informational architecture have begun. Here we share our process, which allows us…

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  6. Agency Partner

  7. Free SEO Consultation

    Free SEO Consultation! Competing online is harder than ever before. Learn how your website can be optimized to stay in the game. Our specialty is…

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  8. Most searches use long-tail keywords

    A Beginner Friendly Guide to Long Tail Keywords

    Updated August 6, 2019 Long tail keywords on your website are essential – without them prospective clients would have a hard time finding your business…

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  9. Event: Google Analytics Workshop

    Google Analytics expert Marissa Goldsmith and I are teaming up on Friday, May 4th for a morning workshop on web analytics. It’s a great opportunity…

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  10. How does Video Impact SEO?

    While the craziness of last year was winding down, I had time to get to the theatre to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi…what a super…

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