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    To Improve Your Digital Presence, Start with Google

    The digital presence of your business – what prospective clients see when they search online for your business, for you, or for solutions to their…

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  3. Most searches use long-tail keywords

    A Beginner Friendly Guide to Long Tail Keywords

    Updated Sept. 6, 2018 Long tail keywords on your website are essential – without them prospective clients would have a hard time finding your business…

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  5. Event: Google Analytics Workshop

    Google Analytics expert Marissa Goldsmith and I are teaming up on Friday, May 4th for a morning workshop on web analytics. It’s a great opportunity…

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  6. How does Video Impact SEO?

    While the craziness of last year was winding down, I had time to get to the theatre to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi…what a super…

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    How to Use Keywords on Your Website

    Keywords are the heart of Internet search. Every search begins by typing a word or phrase into the search bar – or, by talking to…

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