Please Your Readers with Clickable Headlines

Effective headlines can coax your website visitors to visit more, stay longer, and even climb willingly into your sales funnel. Likewise, careful content crafting can turn your site into a higher life form in the ecosystem of online search.

Will Prospects Click?

Dice with words Yes, No and MaybeHeadlines themselves are making, well, headlines lately, as journalists and bloggers and marketing strategists struggle to reinvent this art form for the Internet age. For example, Australian communications pro Steve Hind wrote a provocative

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More Reasons Your Site Doesn’t Rank in Google

For those of you who have taken care of your website – conscientiously publishing, keeping it up to date, and marketing it intelligently – it’s frustrating to see it trumped by competitor sites in Google’s search results. Worse, when your manager or clients see the same thing, they’ll be asking: What’s wrong?

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Why Doesn’t Your Site Rank Higher in Google?

A frantic call from an agency I work with: “My client wants to know why the websites of companies X, Y and Z rank higher than her website on Google. They don’t even offer the same service!” It’s a frequent lament.

Rank in Google’s SERPS (search engine results pages) is a touchy subject for internet marketers and SEO. Now that all results are personalized, based on your search history and social media interactions, there is no definitive way to measure rank. On the other hand, watching your online visibility tank is a miserable feeling.

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